Press Comments

“…from the last notes of “Saudade” for solo guitar, the first track of the disc, we have the impression of being in the face of a magnificent product.” 
“Guitarist, Paulo Inda, has really won us over and enthralled us with his fluent and rich musical talent. A perfect technique, which is absolutely functional to the music addressed here, is the first element that strikes the listener of the album: beautiful sound, great instrumental clarity, a masterful dose of dynamics combined with a search for refined tones make Inda one of the best interpreters heard recently in discography.”


“Since becoming a reviewer for Soundboard my appreciation for the music of Radamés Gnattali has grown steadily. This marvelous disc by Paulo Inda markedly deepens that appreciation.” 


“In his debut Cd, Brazilian Guitarist Paulo Inda blends avant-guard sonorities with impeccable interpretations.”   


“Owner of a envious thechnic, Paulo Inda knows how to dose with masterful command the intensity with which he presses the strings of the guitar, exploring very well the dynamics of his instrument.”
 ACÚSTICO Magazine


“Delivered with an uncompromising freshness and attention to detail this disc hits the mark on all the qualities of a masterful recording: interpretation, programming, technical assurance and sound.” 
“…simply extraordinary with fluid phrasing and crisply articulated lines.” 


“It’s been years since I heard the music of Radamés so wonderfully played, with that much passion and virtuosity. I’m sure if Radamés were alive today he’d be ecstatic about this CD and would have wanted Paulo to become a close friend. Musicians with uncommon talent like Paulo Inda’s are those who enraptured him the most!”
Nelly Gnattali